External Assistance Management Information System (EAMIS)

External Assistance Management Information System (EAMIS) is a critical component of the Integrated Planning System (IPS) for the Government of Albania and will support key business functions in the MFE and manage all aspects of development financing. 

Key Business Priorities of the Beneficiary are:

  1. Modernize the management of development finance with new models;
  2. Bring in change while implementing a nationwide information systems;
  3. Create a network of partners among government ministries, local government, donors, private investors that integrates systems, people and processes;
  4. Consolidate and integrate processes from planning to delivery for strategic development programs in one integrated system with obligatory process steps;
  5. Strengthen Strategy formulation and monitoring with systematic work;
  6. Facility for an integrated resource center for strategic programs for donors, investors and government;
  7. Monitor EU Assistance through pre-approved standardized reports;
  8. Comprehensive picture of Development Programming and Financing including all sources of funding from Development Integration Partners (DIP), Public and Private Investments, Regional Development Funding investments;
  9. Reduce wasteful processes by connecting the dots from planning to delivery;
  10. Transparency for Development Programs with Government, Line Ministries, DIPs and Citizens.

The system will serve as one stop shop for foreign – funded investments in Albania.
EAMIS records and retains information on projects according to the following categorization:

  • Projects financed by Foreign Aid
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • Concessions / PPPs


The main objective of the External Assistance Management Information System (ALB EAMIS) will be to support the Government of Albania in formulating a comprehensive financing strategy; effectively managing development finance and implementation; and, promoting accountable and transparent use of resources. The system will serve as a reliable and credible source of information for externally funded activities linked to Program objectives with target indicators. It will also serve as a one-stop-shop for information on financing and performance of donor, private and local investments in Albania’s development and economic growth.

The EAMIS system will be an integrated nation-wide system used by MoFE, government officials and DIPs, providing all the stakeholders with facilities for data entry and analytic reporting, chart, graph, and map generation to monitor vital trends, implementation progress, results and statistics, and production of progress reports on public development spending and its impact. 

The system will serve as a reliable and credible source of information on overall donor, public, private and local investments in Albania’s development and economic growth. EAMIS is intended to support strategic management of external assistance through several modules as follows:

“Dashboard” Module: The system has a dashboard that will provide visual insight into the data that needs to be analyzed, thus giving decision makers the ability to utilize the information in real-time via powerful visual mechanisms. Additionally, it removes reporting development constraints, allowing them to view different types of reports, such as lists, tables, maps, and reports, presented in a user-friendly environment.

“My Projects” Module: The project module serves to record, manage data related to a project financed by foreign aid. This module records data regarding projects grouped under the following categories:

  • General Project Information – Basic Data, Implementation Status, Dates and Duration, EU Sectors, OECD and Integrated Sectors, Project Location;
  • Organizations and contacts – funding agencies, implementing agencies, homologous agencies, implementing agencies as well as contact persons for each agency;
  • Financial information – project costs, project components, commitments, disbursements, disbursement projections;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – Compliance with NSDI and Project KPIs, Sustainable Development Goals, Busan Indicators;
  • Notes and attachment – records can be recorded as well as documents related to the project as relevant strategies, project documents, various reports, signed agreements, etc.

“FDI Projects” Module: The Foreign Direct Investment projects module serves to record, manage data related to a project financed by Direct Investment and will keep track of AIDA projects.

“PPP Projects” Module: The Concession / PPP Module will keep track of the projects that are followed by ATRAKO and will feed on data from the current ATRAKO system through automatic integration.

“Meetings” Module: The system also has a Meetings module, which will be used as a tool that will simplify the process of scheduling appointments and other similar with the various stakeholders, as well as allow for the recording of the results of these meetings, for example, minutes of meetings and issues that require action.

“Analytics” Module: The Analytics module contains analytical tools that can be used to analyze data in different ways, reflecting the variety of project tracking needs, as well as tools for searching, classifying and filtering data from any combination of variables.

Automatic Integrations with following systems will be available:

  • AFMIS (PIM module), AGFIS
  • WB CC and other donors (to be confirmed)


Primary beneficiary of the EAMIS System is the MoFE – Donor Coordination Unit (expected to be established).

While MoFE is the prime beneficiary, several other units including DIPs, Line Ministries and agencies (AIDA), private investors and public citizens will also benefit from the system. Current processes run by MoFE for the Medium Term Budget Planning (MTBP) and Treasury systems will largely not be affected. Integration with these systems will be through timely data exchange.